We custom design your tour in Andalusia, Toledo and Madrid


Through direct experiences, we want our clients and visitors to be acquainted with the importance of the Sephardic legacy in the Iberian Peninsula.


Our speciality is aimed at small, private groups or individuals.


  • Guided visits by distinctive experts in Sephardic culture in the Andalusian Jewish quarters.


  • Shabbat dinner in unique settings, pottery workshops where the craft creation of the Hanukiah has been reinstated.


  • Sephardic confectioners and experiences that go beyond your average expectations.


  • Themed dinners enlivened by Sephardic music.


  • The most authentic way to get inside the Sephardic culture and legacy.


  • Visit Toledo “3 cultures “ by night


– In Lucena “the pearl of Sepharad” we visit the Necropolis.


– In Córdoba, we enter its Jewish quarter and make a stop at “Casa de la Memoria de Sefarad” where we find a fascinating private collection that tells us the history of Jewish culture in the Iberian Peninsula.


– In Jaén, we know the important legacy of Ibn Shaprut, prominent doctor and diplomat of Al-Andalus.


– In Úbeda, we have the opportunity to enter privately in “La Sinangoga del Agua”, The Water Synagogue, as well as celebrate a typical Sephardic dinner on Shabbat.


Granada awaits us with its fusion of flamenco and Jewish music.


We also offer unique experiences with members of some Jewish communities still practising in Andalusia, Toledo and Madrid.


Finest Sephardic cuisine tradition and Kosher certified.


And our star experience in the spring and summer season: An open-air starlit dinner with music and traditional gastronomy.