About Us

Tierra de Eventos is a family Business with a framework team of professionals with over 30 years experience in the tourism Business.


Coordination of events, guided visits by professionals, thematic visits, translation services and new and creative experiences in the tourism sector.


We provide our clients with a bespoke service to design your Holiday, stays, local visits on destinations, support in congresses conventions and fairs at International level, educational trips, private visits or unique experiences for small groups or families…


These are some of our distinctive services.


Although our line of Business has a permanent base in Andalusia (Malaga, Seville, Granada…..) we can extend our services throughout the national territory without intermediaries and maintaining the best quality-price thanks to our local suppliers and collaborators. Thanks to this and without additional costs, we maintain the duality quality-price in an optimal state.


Our goul: to reach each one of our clients offering our services in a personal way and adapted to their specific needs.

Trinidad Blanco-Tierra-Eventos

Trinidad Blanco



More than 28 years dedicated to the tourism industry. A writer, blogger, cinephile and amateur photograper.


Dedicated to the art in all its extension has found in this industry the best stage to develop all her creative capacity.


“We always try to involve our guests through sensory experiences, in the magic that surrounds every place we visit”.


“It is essential they can directly experience Culture, History, Tradition and Gastronomy while enjoying it to the fullest”.



Sommelier, chef, blogger, microinfluencer and amateur about flamenco.


Gastronomic Advisor for Tierra de Eventos.


His passion for cooking and his knowledge about food pairing makes all our gastronomic routes bearing his stamp unforgettable for our guests.


“Routes that delight the palat and transport our guests to Discovery unexpected sensations”.


“The Choice of a gastronomic establishment is base don the sensations that they transmit to me, the same ones that I want to reach our clients”.

Franc Barroso-Tierra-Eventos

Franc Barroso