Soho: the neighborhood of graffiti

Soho: the neighborhood of graffiti


If you are someone who likes to start the morning with a vintage touch or a New York style, Soho Malaga is your plalce. Read the news while taking a cup of tasty coffee and you´ll substitute the usual andalusian breakfast of bread and olive oil for a colourful and delicious cupcakes small show; because “Love is Bakery” (Alameda principal 37) offers it, a small corner decorated in pastel colours.


First saturday of the month and Made in Soho market is beginning to settle (Calle Tomas Heredia). A community initiative filling the street instead of the polluted and crowded traffic. This is a lively market where you´ll find anything, from handmade jewelry to curious clocks made with old vinyls because music and time or time and music go hand in hand. You´ll find, without realizing, the most contemporary open market you could ever imagine, where creativity, creation, art, life and dream makes its way through this new and reborned neighbourhood. But it keeps no distant to the industrial, dynamic and modern city that Malaga has become.

Happy hour is coming and it´s time to stop walking. In Soho it´s not difficult to find the place you are looking for, whether you prefer somehting quick at the pub or more elaborated gastronomic restaurants and bars. The variety is almost infinite and the decisions are not easy at this stage. For all there is a place in Soho Malaga, seafood and fish, tradicional tapas and spanish cuisine, international beers or good Chefs. It all comes down to letting it go.

The contemporary museum (CAC) is a good choice to spend time if you are looking for a more sophisticated afternoon. With a magnificent collection of Louise Bourgeois, Art & Language, Olafur Eliasson, Thomas Hirschhorn, Damian Hirst, Julian Opie, Thomas Ruff and Thomas Struth or Spanish artists like Victoria Civera, Juan Muñoz, José María Sicilia, Miquel Barceló, Santiago Sierra, Juan Uslé. All this mixed with its excellent temporary exhibitions of great contemporary artists of the World.

But what Soho Malaga has is its increasingly extensive representation of urban art. Graffiti artists like Dadi Dreucol, Faith 47, Dal East, Roa, Obey, Boa Mistura, D Face, José Medina Galeote, lalone, Fejac, Santiago Ydañez, Cashrinplus, Emmanuel Lafont, D Face have made Malaga their canvas. A urban canvas for artistic expression. Strolling through the streets, camera in hand, and come and join these works of art that makes the whole district of Soho a museum.


And to finish a whole day in the neighbourhood of art, get up to one of the most famous terraces of the city (Hotel Bahia Malaga and Room Mate Valeria) and enjoy a drink with explendid views of the city.

Do not miss Soho Malaga, the place to lose yourself.